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DaytonDefense would like to thank all of our sponsors

STEMM Education

Dayton Defense is committed to foster growth of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine workforce in the Dayton region.  To accomplish objective DaytonDefense created the Dayton Defense Educational Foundation;

Why the Foundation?

  • Need: A dynamic defense sector needs a vibrant, talented and educated workforce
  • Purpose: The Dayton Defense Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity formed to provide and promote educational opportunities for individuals and the general public on topics relating to the Dayton, Ohio area’s defense sector including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, (STEM) and medical health topics, and other activities consistent with these purposes.

What the Foundation Provides:

  • Scholarships and STEMM Educational Initiatives. The Foundation will develop, expand, and promote educational “core purposes” in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical (STEMM) through the granting of scholarships and other initiatives to foster scholastic pursuit by Dayton regional students in grades K-12 and the collegiate level.
  • STEMM Program Support. The Foundation will support the development of STEMM and other educational programs at the K-12 and collegiate levels, in partnership with other regional educational institutions, national, regional and local government entities, and educational development organizations.
  • Fundraising for Core Purposes. The Foundation will conduct fund raising activities to sustain its core purposes.
  • Related and Outreach Activities. The Foundation will support other related community activities that further the goals of increasing STEMM educational opportunities and increasing the population of US Citizens attaining STEMM education in the region.

For more information contact one of our Trustees:


Deborah Gross


Vice Chairman

Les McFawn



Suzanne Sumner



Randy Fogle



Dale Kirby



Jack Franz