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DaytonDefense would like to thank all of our sponsors

O'Neil & Associates

O'Neil & Associates


WHY WE SPONSOR: ONEIL is pleased to sponsor Dayton Defense and is proud to serve the US Military. We are glad to be part of the growing and dynamic group of Dayton area Defense contractors.

CONTACT PERSON: Mr Glenn Luehmann

ADDRESS: Miamisburg, OH



ONEIL is a leader in development of product support information and delivery technology to support Aerospace, Commercial, and DoD programs. Our services include proposal support, provisioning, technical writing, illustration, training, and technology solutions.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: For over 60 years, ONEIL has specialized in creating product support documentation to serve the aerospace, military, and industrial markets. Our award-winning company is employee-centered. We provide our employees an excellent working environment, and the best tools to do their jobs.

Few companies can match our experience in using the latest technologies to provide technical support documentation for a diverse range of products. Because we have worked with nearly every specification, format, and platform, we quickly adapt to fulfill customer’s needs.

Our clients depend on us to enhance their processes, infuse new technology, or create an entirely new product information support system, e-Learning tools, and IETMs.

We can analyze the contents of technical manuals covering a range of related products or serial numbers, and design a database that can optimize reuse of data. These databases can be used to output, down to, serial number specific manuals, either when the product is shipped, or later when the customer wants to see just the data that applies to his aircraft or system.

We serve customers worldwide from our corporate headquarters located in Miamisburg, Ohio and several other locations around the world. We offer our customers an excellent combination of capacity, expertise, technology, and quality. With 200+ employees who specialize in product support, customers can be sure their project will get the right information, in the right hands at the right time.