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Member Benefits

Membership is open to organizations associated with or that support the defense industry, or who possess an economic interest in the success of this industry in Ohio, and who maintain a presence within Ohio. Membership is also open to individuals, who meet the above requirements, and who are not employed by or affiliated with a company that is an Association member. Affiliate Organization Members are nonvoting, non-dues paying not-for-profit organizations that provide direct value added benefits to Members through support of DaytonDefense events, activities and initiatives

The cost of membership is as follows:

• Large Organization (50+ Employees or more for the entire organization): $500.00/Program Year
• Medium Organization (6-49 Employees for the entire organization): $250.00/Program Year
• Small Organizations (1-5) Employees and Individuals: $150.00/Program Year

Luncheon meetings or Mini Events will normally be held monthly.  The luncheons are normally held the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 11:30 am and adjourning at 1:00 pm at a location to be determined. Members may attend events at a discounted rate.

Government guests are welcome to attend, and must pre-register. Government guests will be charged the member price for all events for which there is a required charge for Government participants. Invited speakers and their designated accompaniment will not be charged for participation in any DaytonDefense event, unless required by Government Policy.


The Benefits of Membership  “Best Value”, even in LPTA times…


 Simply put, the Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association (“DaytonDefense”) is the voice of the Dayton Defense business sector.  Yet we’re much more than that.  We are a nexus of not only representation, but also networking, business intelligence, and educational opportunities for topics that matter most in today’s ultra-challenging defense business environment.  DaytonDefense is committed to the integration of the business interests of the Dayton Area Defense Contractors, along with the community interests of all those who live and work in the Dayton area.  DaytonDefense's driving purpose is to promote economic development activity among local and regional Defense contractors, communities, businesses, and residents in the Greater Dayton area and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).


DaytonDefense maintains communications on defense matters with local, state, and federally-elected leaders.  We organize special events throughout the year that are focused on specific defense business sectors and coordinate monthly luncheons or special mini events designed to provide true value in terms of both networking opportunities and business intelligence – we know what  makes a difference to your bottom line and we provide it time and again with each event.  We actively participate in locally-held defense conferences and local initiatives and also engage in ongoing efforts to brief key legislative and WPAFB leaders regarding the goals and challenges of our membership.  DaytonDefense serves as a focal point, a voice, and a common meeting ground for defense-related research, development, and acquisition activities.  We are a unified voice for over 250 firms and over 10,000 local employees.


The benefits of a Membership in DaytonDefense represent real value day after day, week after week.  Among the many benefits that add “synergy value” to our members’ business efforts:


Connections and Networking

v  Networking Lunch and Learn events or Mini-events featuring relevant, value-adding speakers and topics

v  Conference events throughout the year that are focused on specific defense business sectors

v  Regular communications and updates through e-mail, web, and social media


Business Intelligence and Marketing

v  Numerous opportunities through DaytonDefense events and organizational advertising and sponsorship initiatives to understand customer needs, develop teaming relationships, establish and promote brand awareness, and leverage your capabilities to build your business


Working for You

v  Ongoing efforts to protect and expand defense sector jobs in the Dayton region

v  Support and development of centers of excellence, STEM initiatives, and business relationship opportunities to attract and retain highly qualified employees

We’re DaytonDefense – the voice of the defense community and the smart choice for your business development investment.  We’re here because we know that when you succeed, so does Dayton and so does the warfighter.